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WISHING: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires

by Elizabeth Harper

Published by Beyond Words

Wishing creates the excitement of possibility, because it assists you in discovering that wishes really can come true. Through the wish process you will gain an understanding, not only of how wishes manifest themselves, but also of your own inner power. This in turn explains why certain situations or patterns consistently occur in your life, how to deal with them and how to transform them.

By following the seven easy principles contained within Wishing anything and everything is within your grasp. Isn’t that tempting! What better step can there be? Every human being deserves to connect with his or her own potential power. Wishing is the first step in to that beautiful relationship.

Elizabeth has drawn on her background and knowledge as a spiritual teacher to present an age-old subject in a new and more inspiring light. The information is a novel and unique presentation of ancient knowledge and wisdom. It is a short manual, written in a light, highly informative, and interesting way, presented in a logical and easy to use format.